(English) Condemned to remain spectators? (Walking with your time)

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Are we condemned to remain spectators, watching the news with growing indignation, powerless as we are? Or is there a way to develop the presence of mind that is needed in facing our turbulent times? Manichaeism has offered a way for almost two thousand years to encounter evil in an existential way and thereby the light and darkness in ourselves. Christine Gruwez makes this Christian initiation path of the future accessible for everyone who wants to position him- or herself in life as a contemporary.

The book of Christine Gruwez ”Walking with your time – A Manichaean journey” is now for sale on the Internet.

Apart from this new release, both as  paperback and  download, ”Tijgenoten onderweg” has been translated over the past few years into German, French and Portuguese. This  makes Walking with your time what can be considered Christine’s first international bestseller. 
For more information and a preview, enter Lulu.com (www.lulu.com) and type in the title of the book. For direct access to Christine’s Internet store, you can also click on the following link http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/walking-with-your-time/16349648/

Otto Koene