Andere berichten uit Griekenland 2

Gisteren las ik op de homepage van Mikis Theodorakis een brief die hij  aan de Finse zangeres Arja Saijinmaa schreef. In een paar woorden is daarin samengevat wat de stemming van dit ogenblik is: woede en angst om de verwachte uitverkoop van Griekenland.  Een stemming die niet van voorbijgaande aard zal zijn!

Athens, 30.8.201

Dear Arja

Please pass on to your kind compatriot, the Minister of Finance, that she is greatly mistaken if she believes that we Greeks will ever accept to give the guarantees she demands from today’s Greek Government in exchange for some loan from your country.

Even more so if those guarantees concern a part of our national wealth. You have lived with us during the times of struggle against military dictatorship, and therefore you know better than anyone our love for our country and our will to defend it at all costs.

Back then it was the dictators that had stolen our freedom. Now our ‘friends’, exploiting our misfortune, ask of us to sell them in exchange for a fistful of Euro the body of our country: our national integrity.

This is never going to happen! And whoever dares to try to buy us off, will not only lose but will also become our eternal enemy.

Also tell her that the Government with which she is now negotiating is only supported by less than 20% of the Hellenic people, and that soon the great majority of our People will vigorously invalidate all these vile transactions.

With love for you and the People of Finland

Kind regards,

Mikis Theodorakis

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